Pantalaimon UT 0.6.0

This is an important bug fix release which resolves an issue with messages sent as unencrypted in encrypted rooms. Please update and restart the pantalaimon service.
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Matrix server shutdown

Today I have officially retired my self-hosted matrix server and along with it the custom app service bridge I wrote for (pnut-matrix). This comes as a somewhat bittersweet moment as I have been running my own matrix server since the end of 2016 and worked on the bridge since early 2017. I’ve been a fan and user of matrix over those years, the idea of a decentralized chat network built on common protocol that could interface with other networks appeals to me. But as I have come to realize this power and flexibility comes at a cost of complexity and resources. I find myself in need of freeing up my time and money for other ventures. So I must bid farewell to my server that has been my personal playground for the last 4 years. I moved to a managed service which costs me less and still allow me to participate in the matrix network. I have also replaced my pnut-matrix bridge with a much lighter weight plugin I wrote for matterbridge. It is a work in progress and I will share more details as it makes progress.

=> pnut-matrix - A matrix appservice bridge for
=> pnut-bridge - A matterbridge plugin for

pantalaimon-ut 0.4.0

I’ve uploaded another minor update to Pantalaimon for Ubuntu Touch. This release includes additional homeserver settings for http proxy and ssl verification. It also now has a global setting to update the log level to assist with troubleshooting.
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Hello Pantalaimon UT

I’ve spun up a new project to focus on getting an end-to-end encryption proxy for matrix up and running on Ubuntu Touch. This effort takes Pantalaimon, created by the developers, and adds a service script along with a UI to manage the configuration and background process.
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pnut-matrix 1.0.0

The pnut-matrix bridge has now reached 1.0. It now runs using app streams for improved performance, includes administrative controls for managing bridged rooms, and syncs avatars and display names to matrix. You can find the latest release at and join the chat at

Support Matrix!

This has been one of my favorite projects this year. If you haven’t checked it out yet head over to and take a peek. It’s grown a lot over the last year but now faces funding challenges. If you are able to help support the core team. Patreon, Liberapay, and bitcoin details are in the linked blog post. A Call to Arms: Supporting Matrix! TL;DR: if you like Matrix (and especially if you’re building stuff on it), please support us via Patreon or Liberapay to keep the core team able to work on it full-time, otherwise the project is going to be seriously impacted.
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