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Since I switched off my Friendica instance last month I’m sorting out my blog posting workflow (even though I don’t do it often). So this is pretty much a nonsense post so I can see how it goes out to my various feeds. is shutting down

I’ve decided to retire my Friendica instance at Mostly to free up some resources from my server and have one less thing to worry about and manage. I’m not going away from the social web, just coming at it a little differently now. If you’re following me from Diaspora, I’ve dusted off my old profile: If you’re following me from GNU social or Mastodon: If you’re following me from Friendica you can continue to follow me at either of the two profiles linked above.
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New GNU social instance

I’ve been running my owner Friendica instance for a couple of months now. And so far I’ve been pretty happy with how it’s turned out thus far. There are however some quirks with how it works between the various networks. With that I decided to go ahead and run a dedicated instance for GNU social ( and start following my various ostatus contacts from there. I’ll continue to run Friendica and leave ostatus enabled but my interactions are going to be a little more split.
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A few weeks back I decided to give hosting my own social service a try. There are a various different projects that are being developed many of which have a pretty solid community around them. I have been using Diaspora pretty actively now for the last couple of years so that was my initial choice. But I have also poked around other networks like status net and pump, both of which are pretty active too.
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Experimental blog post

My Friendica experimentation continues, this time with a cheesy no-substance blog post. Please excuse the noise for now but I’m thinking there will be a real blog post coming about my experiences with this software, and open social networks in general. :)

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