My name is Morgan McMillian, also known as thrrgilag in various online communities. I am a software engineer with an obsession for Linux, open-source software, and tech in general. I don’t blog very often but do try to post when I’ve done something significant.

Ending BlackBerry 10 dev

I’ve finally reached the point where I’m ready to discontinue support for BB10 in my various app development efforts. Specifically those projects are Goober for BB10 (a native client for and Renamed Todo (a task list app using todo.txt format). I hope they’ve been useful for the handful of users I’ve had and interacted with over the years, I know I’ve enjoyed building them. But the time has come to retire them and allow myself to focus on other platforms.
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App development after BlackBerry 10

I’m starting to think more about my mobile app development efforts after BB10 is no longer supportable. It still has life left in it but now that BlackBerry is starting to turn services off it may not be for much longer. I’ve dabbled off and on with Android development and do have an app for that I’m actively working on. But Android as a platform isn’t my favorite and developing for it isn’t as fun given it’s Java roots.
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Still not dead – Renamed Todo update

It’s been a long while since my last update. I haven’t been paying much attention to this app over the last couple of years for various different reasons. Mostly do to having switched my primary phone from the lovely BlackBerry Passport to an Android based BlackBerry phone. But I still love BlackBerry 10 and I still love this app so I’ve finally pulled the trigger and made it open source. It’s now available under the Apache 2.
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Blog post

Since I switched off my Friendica instance last month I’m sorting out my blog posting workflow (even though I don’t do it often). So this is pretty much a nonsense post so I can see how it goes out to my various feeds. is shutting down

I’ve decided to retire my Friendica instance at Mostly to free up some resources from my server and have one less thing to worry about and manage. I’m not going away from the social web, just coming at it a little differently now. If you’re following me from Diaspora, I’ve dusted off my old profile: If you’re following me from GNU social or Mastodon: If you’re following me from Friendica you can continue to follow me at either of the two profiles linked above.
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