Hello I’m Morgan McMillian also known as thrrgilag in various communities. I am a software engineer with an obsession for Linux, open-source software, and tech in general. Also check out my gemini capsule for addtional content.

Hello Pantalaimon UT

I’ve spun up a new project to focus on getting an end-to-end encryption proxy for matrix up and running on Ubuntu Touch. This effort takes Pantalaimon, created by the matrix.org developers, and adds a service script along with a UI to manage the configuration and background process.
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Goober Android discontinued

Today I’m putting Goober for Android officially into retirement status. I received a reminder email from Google this morning that updates to my app will soon require a newer target Android API level. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal however the framework I selected when I began this effort is now pretty far out of date and requires significant amount of work to bring current. I am no willing to devote time developing an application for Android, an operating system I no longer use or even recommend.

woodstock 0.2.0

Announcing the second pre-release (or re-release?) of the woodstock client library for pnut.io. This is my continuation of the work started by yukkuri_sinai in 2017. The project is alive and well at it’s new home on sr.ht and plan to continue active development going forward.
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New source project home

After 2 years of running my own GitLab server I decided it was time to retire it and move my open-source projects to other sites. I did this so I can reduce my monthly expenses and honestly GitLab is way more than I actually use or need.
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monkeystew.org migrated

I’ve migrated posts over from my old blog at monkeystew.org to this new site. With some amount of luck all of the URLs should still work properly and I’ve attempted to organize everything appropriately. Kinda wild to go back through my old posts over the years.