woodstock 0.2.0

Announcing the second pre-release (or re-release?) of the woodstock client library for pnut.io. This is my continuation of the work started by yukkuri_sinai in 2017. The project is alive and well at it’s new home on sr.ht and plan to continue active development going forward.
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New source project home

After 2 years of running my own GitLab server I decided it was time to retire it and move my open-source projects to other sites. I did this so I can reduce my monthly expenses and honestly GitLab is way more than I actually use or need.
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monkeystew.org migrated

I’ve migrated posts over from my old blog at monkeystew.org to this new site. With some amount of luck all of the URLs should still work properly and I’ve attempted to organize everything appropriately. Kinda wild to go back through my old posts over the years.

Goober in maintenance mode

I’m going to officially put Goober into a maintenance only mode. The framework I used to initially create Goober for Android has progressed such that I feel some significant refactoring is in order however I’m not ready to tackle it at this time. I’ve got another project spinning up which I’ll discuss more in the near future. For now though Goober will only being getting critical bug fixes.

pnut-matrix 1.0.0

The pnut-matrix bridge has now reached 1.0. It now runs using pnut.io app streams for improved performance, includes administrative controls for managing bridged rooms, and syncs pnut.io avatars and display names to matrix. You can find the latest release at https://gitlab.dreamfall.space/thrrgilag/pnut-matrix and join the chat at #pnut-matrix:monkeystew.net or https://patter.chat/room/999