Hello I’m Morgan McMillian also known as thrrgilag in various communities. I am a software engineer with an obsession for Linux, open-source software, and tech in general. Also check out my gemini capsule for addtional content.

My mobile Linux device setup

I spent part of my weekend setting up another device with Ubuntu Touch to serve as my main pocket computing device. I’ve been playing with Linux on various mobile devices over the years but never really talked much about it other than the random social post. So this time I though it would be fun to actually start documenting it for those who are interested in what I’m using but also for my future self to look back upon.
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Hello gemini

I have entered the world of Project Gemini. Gemini, for the uninitiated, is a new internet protocol which fits somewhere between gopher and the web. I’m finding its simplicity to be rather appealing so I figured I would dive right in and start publishing my own capsule (gemini://thrrgilag.net/). You can find a list of clients at https://gemini.circumlunar.space/software/. So take a peek and let me know what you think.

pantalaimon-ut 0.4.0

I’ve uploaded another minor update to Pantalaimon for Ubuntu Touch. This release includes additional homeserver settings for http proxy and ssl verification. It also now has a global setting to update the log level to assist with troubleshooting.
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Hello Pantalaimon UT

I’ve spun up a new project to focus on getting an end-to-end encryption proxy for matrix up and running on Ubuntu Touch. This effort takes Pantalaimon, created by the matrix.org developers, and adds a service script along with a UI to manage the configuration and background process.
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Goober Android discontinued

Today I’m putting Goober for Android officially into retirement status. I received a reminder email from Google this morning that updates to my app will soon require a newer target Android API level. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal however the framework I selected when I began this effort is now pretty far out of date and requires significant amount of work to bring current. I am no willing to devote time developing an application for Android, an operating system I no longer use or even recommend.